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Here are some more quick answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

What’s included in my price quote?

ANSWER: Your price always includes all duties- freight charges - shipping insurance - custom packaging - brand naming - private labeling….everything!

Do you have a product catalog?

ANSWER: No, because there are literally hundreds of thousands of existing products and new ones introduced every day. Click on our product page to see some examples of popular products and related categories.

Can I make changes to existing products?

ANSWER: Yes, because you’re now working directly with the manufacturer you can customize or change products and packaging to meet your specifications.

Can you find products I’m looking for?

ANSWER: Yes, IE Solutions can acquire most any product made in Asia and abroad! Simply send us detailed photos and descriptions and we’ll find it.

Can you ship to other countries for me?

ANSWER: Yes, we provide world wide logistic solutions. If you have customers or dealers in another country we can ship to them direct from the factory. If your products are stateside and need to ship to other countries we can handle that too.

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